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This web site is not for placing retail orders. The best way to get The Engraver's nameplates is to contact any of the following fine tack shops. Some of them do phone orders, mail orders, or internet orders if none are conveniently located near you. If you are not familiar with any of these tack shops, please contact The Engraver directly for a recommendation.

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Our nameplates are also available directly from The Engraver at two exclusive horse shows, Devon Horse Show & Country Fair , and Dressage at Devon . We are located in Booth #62 for both shows. We do the engraving and attaching of our plates right in the booth at the shows, with most orders ready within a couple hours.

If you own, or work for, a tack shop that might be interested in carrying The Engraver's nameplates, please take note of the following information...

Engraving is all we do, and we do it better than anyone else in the industry. We pride ourselves in making certain that every nameplate shipped from our office looks good, and is done to the best of our ability. Attention to detail is essential to what we do. Although, if your customer has bad taste (we know, of course, that you don't), the nameplates might not look as good as when you leave the layout to us.

We are always glad to add new shops to our list of exclusive retailers. However, we are as fussy and persnickety with our retail outlets as we are with our engraving. You must qualify to join the big, happy, Engraver family. That means you must be able to prove yours is a legitimate store, and that you are not just trying to buy stuff for you and your friends at wholesale rates. So, please fill out the new store application form form and fax or mail it back to us. You must provide ALL the information requested on our form to be considered for a wholesale account, and we do verify all information.

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